Power Quality
Boost your energy quality and business efficiency with the efficient and innovative solutions getting rid of your power quality problems like reactive power compensation, voltage - current harmonics, voltage imbalance, flicker and outages - interruptions etc.
Monitoring and Control
At your service with a fully customer focused software platform which is independent of hardware, compliant with standards and regulations, flexible and expandable in power quality monitoring and control applications.
Renewable Energy
For a sustainable development, greener environment and breathable air, we power up your facilities from the sun and the wind power generation plants. We stand totally beside you in all life cycles of your renewable energy projects.


Endoks, which has been supplying innovative solutions for power quality market since 2008 with his...

Integrated Energy Management System, Inavitas aims to be the name of innovation in the “Energy Management” with its unique features Latin words” innovatio” and “navitas” come together and form up Inavitas, which represents “innovaiton and “energy.”...

INFlex Intelligent Devices is the new product family of Endoks in the area of smart grid and smart building applications. It represents the smart hardware products which will provide easy and full integration with existing Inavitas energy management software. All Flex products support many communication protocols being used in smart grid and building applications.

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