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Endoks, which has been supplying innovative solutions for power quality market since 2008 with his experienced team and advanced infrastructure, serves as your solution partner with his eco- friendly and innovative products and systems for improving the quality and efficiency of electrical energy in all life-cycles from generation to delivery. Endoks has a mission of providing innovative products and services with high quality and competitive price in the fields of power quality, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Endoks has been realized the goal of becoming a competitive, reliable and leading provider of high quality solutions, a technology developer and a company directing the changes in related fields.

Endoks has become the leading company in MV power quality industry, where only multinational firms had been operated until recently. In 2011, Endoks has partnered with “Quality Power”, one of the world largest manufacturers in the production of MV air core reactor, and began to offer its products and services to 45 countries using the existing franchises and liaison offices. By the end of 2014, Endoks has not only become the leading company in domestic markets, but also an international brand with his day-by-day growing business in the field of power quality.

As being the first and only local manufacturer of Static Var Compensation (SVC) systems and market leader with the installations more than 20 in the last three years, ENDOKS is able to provide up to 300MVAr SVC system directly connected to 34.5kV bus on turn-key basis.

Endoks, started to increase his interest on electricty distribution market by 2011, had stated the needs of the customers at the right time, and provided right products and services to the market with an engineering aspect. By this way, Endoks has had a good reputation in the market as well as being the market leader. Software named as INAVITAS, which has been developed by Endoks since end of 2012, is now being used in 16 distribution companies in Turkey. Besides, INAVITAS is the unique software in the market with its dedicated and tailor-made modules recently offered to market for electricity generation, renewable energy and industry markets.

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