Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Integrated Management Solution For Solar Power Plants

You can monitor your solar power plants on real time basis, analyse the data gathered from all equipment, evaluate the performance of the plant in accordance with forecasting tools, figure out the problems and take necessary actions on time with Endoks Solar Solutions.


Solar SCADA systems, which are asked by Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and which allow the plant operators to monitor the Medium Voltage power system and the power quality, have been re-designed with Endoks’ experience and knowledge.

Working in the field of remote monitoring systems in 16 electricity distribution areas in Turkey, Endoks is now offering its experience in the field of energy management projects (installation and commissioning of >4000 power quality meters and >1000 RTUs since 2008) to the Solar Power Plant investors and operators with already commissioned SCADA systems of >300.


Inavitas Solar

Inavitas Solar, is providing a complete management system for solar power plant operators and investors. Inavitas Solar, whose backbone is based on Inavitas T&D being used in 18 DSOs, has been developed with a flexible architectural approach, allowing not only solar power plants, but also other renewable energy resources to be managed from a single platform.

Thanks to its web-based structure and innovative mobile applications, you can reach your power plants at anywhere and anytime, monitor them on a real time basis, and take the necessary actions on time.

Owing to its direct integration to the Endoks Solar SCADA systems, you can monitor not only the weather stations or solar inverters, but also continuously monitor all main MV and LV electrical equipment as well as generation and consumption to be seen on the bills


Fundamental meteorological data such as solar radiation, ambient temperature, panel temperature or wind speed can be monitored by the use of weather station, which is offered with Endoks Solar SCADA system. Analog signals of different types such as PT100, RTD, 4-20mA or 0-10V can be measured precisely with the analog input modules as an extension of RTU. Like others, meteorological data are also stored on RTU, and being sent to Inavitas Solar periodically with solar inverters’ data.


Thanks to the service provided by Ubimet GbmH, which is one of the main players when the high resolution and short term precise weather forecast data is required a set of weather forecast data consisting more than 20 parameters can be obtained on hourly basis for the next coming 9 days.

Owing to the integration of this service to Inavitas Solar, 9 days ahead weather data can be monitored, analysed and used to define alarms just same as other monitored electrical parameters. Overall system performance can be improved by the use of weather forecast data for planning the operations like periodical maintenance works as well as predicting the generation for the days


According to existing regulations in Turkey, monthly ratio of the reactive energy over active energy should be lower than some certain levels for the periods where the plant is not generating, and acting as a consumption unit.

With the power factor correction system, which is offered as integrated to Endoks Solar SCADA system or being a stand-alone one, a closed loop control algorithm is utilized based on the instantaneous active-reactive powers and monthly consumptions measured on MV side. There is no need for an additional controller. Shunt capacitors or reactors, which are designed with proper rated power and number of stages according the actual need of the plant, are being switched by digital outputs of RTU, without an additional controller and hence reactive energy penalty is avoided. In the case where it is a stand-alone solution, an additional controller is provided within the compensation panel.